Draft Guide Open Data Engagement

Jeni Tennison

If you arepublishing open data (or you are thinking about it), you are usually doing sobecause you want people to reuse it. But how do you get them to do that?

Engaging with potential reusers needs to start early and should be an ongoing process. This ensures thatorganisations publish the right data in the right ways, andget the right people to use it in ways that help them achieve their objectives.

Engagement is about recognising that open data isn’t just about technology: it’s about people and communities using data to help them make decisions. Helping reusers to understand what data means and what its limitations are can help organisations maximise the value of releasing open data in the first place.

To help organisations identify ways of gettingreusers interested in their data, we’ve drafted a guide and we’re looking for comments on it. What are the strategies that have worked for you? If you are a reuser, how would you like data publishers to engage with you?

Feel free to email, tweet, or comment directly on the draft. In a few weeks time, we’ll roll in your comments and publish both the finished guide and a post that summarises the comments we receive. Thanks in advance!

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